My Mom Has Two Jobs

Finally, a children’s picture book that pays homage to working moms everywhere!
My Mom Has Two Jobs celebrates the work that women do both inside and outside of the home. On each page, children proudly describe how their moms care for them in a very special way, while also making the world better through their careers. The book highlights moms in a wide range of professions, including a teacher, engineer, police officer, doctor, secretary, dentist, firefighter, nurse, lawyer, waitress, military sergeant, veterinarian, and pilot.
My Mom Has Two Jobs gives parents a platform to talk to their kids about their work, and to help kids see how parents bring the same love, passion, and dedication to both their parenting jobs and their professional jobs. The book is beautifully illustrated to embrace diverse moms and kids of different races and ethnicities, and to show the wide range of important roles that women play.


2019 Beverly Hills Book Award
Winner Best Children's Picture Book (all ages)



2019 Independent Book Publisher Award Winner
Best Children's Picture Book (ages 7 and under)


"Michelle Travis has written a delightful picture book story to help young readers appreciate all the things their moms can do. My Mom Has Two Jobs explores many of the possible occupations for a mom outside of the home and, for each outside job, the author compares it to the similar loving care moms provide to their children at home. ... Not only does the author present the many jobs a mom can do, but she also points out to young readers, particularly girls, that they can be and do anything they want as a grownup. And still be a good mom. There are many important lessons to learn in this colorfully illustrated picture book. ... The comparisons will encourage young readers to make their own connections with their moms and what they do in the workplace and at home. An excellent and enjoyable educational book."
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2019 Readers' Favorite Silver Medal Award Winner
for Best Children's Picture Book


More praise for My Mom Has Two Jobs:
"A long overdue, beautiful and inclusive book for our kids!...The writing is brilliant, the watercolors are gorgeous, and the message is spot on."
—Lori Mihalich-Levin, Author and Founder of Mindful Return
"My Mom Has Two Jobs beautifully highlights the important connection between a mom's life at home and her work life away from home.... [A] rare find for moms seeking to help their children understand and appreciate their value, both inside and outside of the home."
—Kim Collins, Author of F is for Feminist
“This wonderful new text, targeted at children ages two through seven, gives working mothers a much needed new platform to talk with their kids about their different jobs.”
—Joe Seiner, Author
“[A] great book for working moms…. I love the positive message behind this book….”
—“Engineering Emily
“The book also breaks down gender stereotypes by depicting women in a wide range of roles…and the illustrations are fabulous.”
—Orly Lobel, Author
"The prose is nothing less than poetic...and it sends a very important message to kids about mothers and work."
—Tristin Green, Author
"A great book with positive messages about the work moms do in and outside of the home. As a Latina with mixed-race children, I appreciate the inclusion of so many different types of moms and jobs."
—Maria Ontiveros, Author
My Mom Has Two Jobs makes list of Top 12 Feminist Books For Kids!

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