My Mom Has Two Jobs

Finally, a children’s picture book that pays homage to working moms everywhere!
My Mom Has Two Jobs celebrates the work that women do both inside and outside of the home. On each page, children proudly describe how their moms care for them in a very special way, while also making the world better through their careers. The book highlights moms in a wide range of professions, including a teacher, engineer, police officer, doctor, secretary, dentist, firefighter, nurse, lawyer, waitress, military sergeant, veterinarian, and pilot.
My Mom Has Two Jobs gives parents a platform to talk to their kids about their work, and to help kids see how parents bring the same love, passion, and dedication to both their parenting jobs and their professional jobs. The book is beautifully illustrated to embrace diverse moms and kids of different races and ethnicities, and to show the wide range of important roles that women play.
Age Range: 2 to 7 years
Distributor: DartFrog Books
Publisher: Splashing Cow Books
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